Heidi Little….


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Heidi Little….

…is a 25 year touring/recording/performing artist and hit songwriter. Heidi recently won Rock Artist of the year for Global radio airplay in over 95 countries of her hit song BUTTERFLY. Her latest single The Spirit of the Woodstock Nation was written in collaboration with Woodstock and Rock Music Legend Artie Kornfeld.

The two are now booking a national public school tour to hold conversations in kindness, love, care, respect, unity, peace and love in action, interwoven with music and Woodstock. Heidi is the outreach coordinator for WE, The World and the Co founder/Director of International Children’s month. Highly respected in the International Indie Rock Music Scene, you can check out her 7 album offerings at ​www.heidilittle.com #OneLoveRising Music unites us and makes the world a more beautiful place.


“Give a listen to a song of our Woodstock 69 dedication of my congratulation’s to those who did not sellout . Great love to Heidi Little who does not accept the  bs from the fakes.
Love ya. Heidi’s the real deal .
Artie Kornfeld with purpose. Artie”
Singer/Songwriter/Co founder/Director/ Platform designer/Concert/Recording, Performing Artist/ Workshop/Teacher and Guest Speaker
radio please mail radio@theakademia.com 

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ALL NEW One T’s, Tanks, and more! #NoChildLeftBehind
Heidi Little
Outreach and Coordination

We, The World and the WE Campaign at WE.net

Heidi Little Co founder/Director
Outreach Coordinator/Team Facilitator
International Children’s month