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So we have a few up coming events around the world but also a number of long term projects too.  The festivals primary function is to fund and build world peace communities, If you have skills and wish to either volunteer or become a paid worker in these projects lets us know HERE.  

Current events

   1.  Bali package

 Long term events in the making.

   1. A world peace festival on a cruise ship

   2. A huge indoor 1 day concert for world peace

Upcoming events soon.

  1. Musselburgh
  2. Larger Edinburgh festival    Coming soon


WorldWeavers is an event web site for spiritual programs and world peace events. If you are traveling to one of their events book with us for flights or if required hotels.


Intentional communities     are popping up all over the world we hope to promote support and create more for a future devoted to peace and eco friendly living. Some of these need help some are doing well but could always grow further.








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